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July 09 2013

Sometimes I cut myself
Just to feel the pain
Then I hide my scars :|
Because of all the shame
The pain is awful
I do it just to feel
Sometimes I have to make sure
Everything's still real
My life has been bad
I do it to forget
I cut my arms
Then I cry as I sit
Alone in my room
Hoping for someone
To save me from this
So I can finally say I've won
I want to quit this habit
But I still reach for the blade
I cry out in pain
My arm turns that familiar redshade </3
I get that adrenalin rush
The blood runs over my hand
I hear someone coming
So I attempt to stand
My legs feel weak
And I fall to the ground
I've done it again
I don't hear another sound...
I wake up two days later
In a hospital bed
I feel like Hell
There's a pounding in my head
First time in seven months
I haven't been high
I breathe in deeply
And let out a sigh
Withdrawals hurt like a bitch
But it feels good
It's going to be hard
But I know I should
I'm not only hurting myself
I'm hurting others too
I have to stop this shit
I need to become someone new

July 07 2013

A RELATIONSHIP is not about
having a
handsome boyfriend or having a
girlfriend. It’s not about looking
for a
perfect person because there isn’t
perfect person on earth. It’s not
looking for a well off or a rich
Having a lot of money doesn’t
mean that
one has too much pure love.
CAN’T BUY LOVE. A relationship is
finding someone who respects
you, who
cares about you in anyway h/she
afford, who understands you,
who is proud
of having you, who loves you the
way you
are. Who is faithful to you, who
knows how
to comfort you, who knows to
you and who would accept the
worst of
you & who will go through
without giving up on you.

July 02 2013

The most memorable person in the life will be the one who loves you even when you were not lovable 

June 30 2013

Can I Keep You,
And Never Let You Go?
Can I Hold Your Hand,
And Hug You Tight?
Can I Tell The World How Lucky I'm,
To Have You In My Life?
Can You Be Mine For The Rest Of My Life...♥

June 27 2013

I dont know how does it feel when we lose our life. But, I felt the pain of losing or being about to lose someone whom we love more than our life. I dont want to face that pain again in life. I love you so much

June 25 2013

Dont do something stupid permanently, as you are upset temporarily. True but i understood this very lately.

June 08 2013

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Held by the moon, just like this
It would be fine if it all disappeared……

Until the candles go out, until our tears dry up
I want you to look at me and be with me always
Until we crumble, until we break
I want to gaze at you and be here always

May 28 2013

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'All my reasons'

~ I'm living to try and learn from all of my mistakes
I'm living to find someone to love and spend my days
I'm living so I can put a smile on their face

I'm living so I can keep the promises I made
I'm living so I can give and never have to take
I'm living so everything I've learned won't go to waste
I'm living to make some sense of all my yesterdays
I'm living so all these thoughts won't ever fade away ~

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"When I look over my shoulder in sadness and pain,
traces of dreams fade away,
I want to tell you "thank you" one more time
here and now

If you laughed… I’d sing you a song
If you want me to stay… I will never leave your side
If you doubt me… I will explain everything
Until my voice gives out"
— 君がいるから
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No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.
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Some notes on living to learn

→ Tell others how to treat you
→ Be honest with yourself
→ Be real with yourself and with your partner
→ Be as forthcoming as you can be before you enter into a commitment
→ Listen to what your partner is saying not what you want to hear
→ Question yourself if you are happy for what you are doing

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